VLC Media Player 8 for Windows 8

If you ask people around the world which media player they use, most of them will probably answer “VLC Media Player.” No matter what operating system they use, VLC Media Player is still one of the most favourite and popular choice among media players available. Although, the immense popularity of this player is not really surprising since it has an incredible reputation as one of the most powerful yet easy to use media player.

Features of VLC Media Player

Unlike others, VLC Media Player has an abundant format support and customization options. It is able to play any file format you wanted to open. VLC Media Player is also able to play most codecs without needing the corresponding codec packs such as MPEG-2, DivX, MKV and many more. VLC Media Player is also easy to use for any people from all skill and experience levels. Aside from these, VLC Media Player is able to run on all platforms available making it accessible to everyone and it can also do media conversion and streaming. Another thing that VLC Media Player does is it supports embedded subtitles and even subtitles files. VLC Media Player is also available to download for no price at all.


VLC Media Player Beta for Windows 8

After 18 months of careful planning and designing, VideoLan has finally made available the beta version OF VLC Media Player for Windows 8 to the public. The VLC Media Player Beta for Windows 8 has been released back on March 13, 2014 and many had been happy despite it being a beta version only especially if the alternative is playing with the original player of Windows 8.

vlc for windows 8

To be precise, here are the features of the beta version of VLC Media Player for Windows 8:

  • This works well on Windows 8.0 and 8.1.
  • This is compiled for Intel x86 CPUs only.
  • This beta version plays a collection of video and audio formats including Ogg, FLAC and MKV.
  • This version also allows you to select multiple audio tracks.
  • VLC Media Player Beta also allows you to enjoy videos with embedded subtitles.
  • The beta version of the VLC Media Player also has an easy to navigate user interface that makes it easy for users to browse around.

It is important to note however that VLC Media Player Beta is only available for both X86 and x64-based machines. The other versions of Windows 8 (RT and Windows Phone) still need to wait for the update or the next launched VLC Media Player for Windows 8. . There had been minor problems such as some audio bugs and sluggishness while playing the media but seeing that it is a beta version only, it is expected and everyone is satisfied with this player. VideoLan, the developer of all versions of VLC Media Player, have said themselves that this beta version is still not stable yet it seems that it is quite enough already for some customers for the time being.

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